Romita being awarded the Startup Entrepreneur of the Year Award @ eMERG
Awards 2019
eMERG, the Engineering Manufacturer Entrepreneurs Resource Group, was founded in 2006, in Bangalore, India to create an exclusive professional networking space for women in engineering manufacturing when there was no ecosystem available. Over the years, e MERG has grown exponentially, and now is an association that works to provide women a platform to showcase and develop their business and talents. In order to encourage more women into business, eMERG holds an Annual Awards every year. It is a matter of great pride for Team MedSamaan that the work undertaken by our MD, Ms Romita Ghosh to make healthcare accessible has been recognized by eMERG. The prestigious Award of Startup Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 was won by Romita from amongst a large group of highly capable and deserving business women across India, each of whom have left a mark in their chosen fields of business.
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