Medsamaan Founder-CEO Ms Romita Ghosh was featured by Cherie Blair Foundation for Women
Awards 2019
To be a successful entrepreneur is one thing, to be a trailblazer impacting lives of women across the globe as an inspiration is quite another! The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, a London-based global entity championing gender equality through equal opportunities for women, featured our Founder-CEO, Ms Romita Ghosh for her enterprising work in uplifting the state of healthcare access for rural women in Himachal and Uttar Pradesh. In a revolutionary move of sorts, Romita ran a successful pilot that involved women in the hilly districts to be examined for cervical cancer by ASHA workers using mobile colposcopes connected to doctors in the city over cloud. For her undeterred efforts at ensuring gender parity in healthcare access in the inaccessible hilly regions of India, Ms Cherie Blair personally lauded Romita’s work on the CBF website and FB page, and featured her on International Women’s Day! Way to go Boss, is all we can say !
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