An All-in-One Nebulizer Solution for all Three Airways
By Medsamaan
18 Mar 2020

A recent WHO report states that 13 of the world’s 20 most polluted cities are in India. It is therefore no surprise that nearly 15-20 million people in India suffer from asthma. Adults and children alike have been afflicted by lung and other related diseases, with one in every 10 asthmatics globally residing in India. Nebulizers are one of the most effective means of administering medications to such patients who have difficulty in breathing.

Problems with Existing Nebulizers

In recent times, a host of Chinese-manufactured and assembled-in-India nebulizers have hit the market. Most of them have poor deliverability in terms of performance and reliability. Some are not certified, while others do not have the requisite quality benchmarks. Very few nebulizers in the Indian Market provide targeted treatment for specific respiratory disorders. Most of these nebulizers occupy a lot of space, are unwieldy and also consume a lot of power.

India’s First and Only Certified Nebulizer

MedSamaan has recently associated with Labovision to launch the Olzvel ONE+ Nebulizer across its pan-India customer base.

The Olzvel ONE+ Nebulizer is a first in many ways, packing a host of features that make it stand out from the competition. Extremely portable with a fluidic design, the machine has the best-in-class footprint and consumes less than 40W of power.

The biggest USP of the ONE+ Nebulizer lies in the Nebulizing Cup, which is scientifically designed to provide 3 different settings to enable 3 different particle sizes of aerosolised medication. This provides high efficiency treatment of diseases with targeted penetration in the area of concern – the upper airways, middle airways or the lower airways.

ONE + Nebulizer is ideally suited for usage by infants, children, adults as well as older generation patients requiring effortless medicine inhalation. The machine is so designed that a breathable mist of medication is inhaled by the patient without any pull required to be exerted by the patient, guaranteeing the most competent and effective aerosol therapy.

Diseases that Can be Treated by ONE+ Nebulizer

ONE+ Nebulizer is designed to effectively deliver physician -prescribed medication for a host of diseases.

  • Upper Airways: ONE+ Nebulizer can be used for treatment of patients who are suffering from disorders of upper airways e.g. Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Pharyngitis, Tonsillitis or Laryngitis.
  • Middle Airways: ONE+ Nebulizer can be used for treatment of patients who are suffering from disorders of disorders of middle airways e.g. Tracheitis or Tracheobronchitis
  • Lower Airways: ONE+ Nebulizer can be used for treatment of patients who are suffering from disorders of disorders of lower airways e.g. Asthma, Bronchitis, Bronchiolitis, Bronchiectasis, Bronchopneumonia.

Best-in-Industry Features

A number of thoughtful features makes the ONE+ differentiated from its competition. These are:

  • Optimally created Drug Storage Compartment
  • Small Footprint, Uses Less Space
  • Shock Resistant Abs Plastic Body
  • Anti-Vibration Feet Low Noise Level
  • Most Efficient Power Consumption (Less than 40w)
  • Carrying Handle Smartly Incorporated in the Design
  • Integrated Baffle Providing “Three Airways Settings”
  • Targeted Treatment for Various Respiratory Disorders
  • Specially Equipped for Infants, Children and Old People
  • Fluidic Design with Smooth Contours, Extremely Portable Profile
  • Deep Medication Deposition and Easy to Operate Air Filter Section
  • Unique Nebulizer Cup Technology for most Efficient Aerosol Delivery


Built in Safeties

MedSamaan has been at the forefront of championing zero compromise in product quality. The ONE+ meets all the quality requirements to be labelled a safe and effective product for home usage. Some of the built-in features for this purpose are:


  • Each machine is 100 % tested for pressure and flow rate parameters
  • Non-toxic and latex free food-grade silicon tubing is used for air passage
  • Reticulated foam filters are used for sieving the input air
  • Thermal overload protection is built in.
  • Copper wire is used in pump for longer life and lower power consumption.
  • ISI standard power cord is used for input supply.

The ONE+ Nebulizer is a reliable product from the MedSamaan portfolio which has been designed for intensive and prolonged usage. MedSamaan intends to launch the product in overseas markets soon. 


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