How a Rs 600 Device is Helping Childless Couples in semi-Rural India Plan a Family
By Medsamaan
14 Jan 2020

Vaishnavi (name changed) is a twenty-eight-year-old tailor from Bhatkal in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. Born to poor parents who were farmers, Vaishnavi was married off at the neighboring village at the age of 16 years. Lack of awareness and education led to two early pregnancies, both of which had to be terminated due to medical complications. Thereafter, all the attempts made by Vaishnavi for the next three years to bear a child failed, leading to much rebuke and ostracism from relatives and neighbours.

The episodes devastated Vaishnavi and her husband, who was a labourer at a local mill. Deciding to accept this as their fate, the couple moved to Bhatkal and over a period of time, through struggles during the day and late-night adult classes were able to attain a literacy level that got them better jobs. After stabilizing her family, the desire to become a mother once again started troubling Vaishnavi and with each passing day, this only started getting stronger. Her husband, who was working as a labour supervisor, was very keen to help Vaishnavi fulfill her dream of motherhood but did not have the wherewithal to bring it to fruition.


Preliminary enquiries with a doctor had revealed that the couple would have to travel to Bengaluru for getting a follicular study done, based on which the doctors would suggest treatment for Vaishnavi. However, the initial cost of Rs 60,000 for the procedure, coupled with the travel, stay and food costs of Bengaluru overwhelmed and the couple were again left dealing with hopelessness. It was a chance visit to a local pharmacy at Bhatkal that changed the lives of Vaishnavi and her husband forever.


Viashnavi’s husband had gone to buy a pill for fever when he noticed a small cardboard hoarding for a product named Ovastream, which promised very good results in determining the best time for ovulation, and thus conceiving, in omen by determining the presence of Luteinizing Hormone in the urine.


Vaishnavi and her husband quickly consulted the gynecologist who was recommending the diagnostic Kit and started the course. Within four months of using Ovastream, Vaishnavi and her husband were able to determine the best time for conception, and were soon blessed with a successful pregnancy.

Ovastream consists of five Test Kits, to be used to determine the most fertile period during a woman’s cycle.  The Kits are designed in an extremely user-friendly manner which does away with the requirement of a receptacle to pee on, or the need for a dropper to test the urine. The user has to simply pass urine on the device, and the strip inside the device will display whether the presence of LH is sufficient to attempt conception. The results are available within 5 minutes, and are accurate up to 99%.


Research suggests that one in four urban couples in India today need Assisted Reproductive Therapy. Out of these, one-fourth are not able to conceive simply due to irregularity in times of ovulation. Ovastream has been a boon to thousands of such small-town women across semi-urban and rural India who do not have access to expensive treatments like follicular studies. While Ovastream does not claim to put an end to childlessness in couples, it provides a hitherto unavailable option to try out a cheaper but scientifically proven option to conceive.


MedSamaan has been in the forefront of championing women’s health through its choice of products that promote women’s wellness. Our efforts at popularizing Ovastream have seen women approach us from all four corners of the country, and then some more! The IVF services market in India was valued at 478.2 Million YSD in 2018, and with the increase in stresses caused by lifestyle the need for IVF services will continue to grow. At a CAGR of 14.7%, the market size is expected to grow to 1,453 Million USD by 2016.   


It is only natural that a few unscrupulous Companies or Clinics want to grab a share of this pie by peddling very expensive treatments to unsuspecting childless couples, some of which come from unstable financial backgrounds. MedSamaan aims to bring parity in the market by empowering such couples with the power to choose, cheaper yet safe and scientifically proven options. Ovastream is one of such many innovative medical devices that MedSamaan is making available to the common man in India.  

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