Replacing Customer Gullibility with Awareness
By Medsamaan
07 Sep 2020

 MedSamaan has been at the forefront of the fight against Covid 19.



From arming Covid Warriors with top-grade PPE kits to replenishing diminishing supplies in Pharmacies and Clinics  with Masks, Sanitisers, Gloves et al, we have also been combating the misionformation and fear psychosis generated by the Covid 19.



As part of MedSamaan’s policy to gather bottom-up feedback from our Customers, senior members from the Sale steam are required to visit existing Client sites and obtain on-ground reverts on the quality and efficacy of the products supplied by us.


Recently, we came across this interesting story when one of our Area Managers was visiting a well-known facility in South Delhi to enquire about the efficacy of the FaceMasks we had supplied. Upon enquiring from the Supervisor if he had any point to share, the man gave his precious opinion that the present consignment we had supplied was better than the previous brand we had supplied. Nothing wrong in the observation except that, the Product was exactly the same in both the consignments - we had merely changed the bulk packaging to individual packaging.  




We realised the gullibility of our Customers when it came to understanding healthcare products, a fact that is unfortunately often exploited by unscrupulous dealers but end up harming the credibility of the entire industry.



As a forerunner in the home-healthcare segment, MedSamaan has been unsparing in its efforts to educate Customers; each member in our team is ingrained with the belief that we owe it to them to increase Product Awareness, especially in these uncertain times of Covid 19.


A happy side effect of having educated Customers:

Loyal Customers who become automatic Brand Promoters

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