About Us

Medical Device availability and affordability have been two of the biggest deterrents to Healthcare Inclusivity in India. MedSamaan’s aim is to overcome these deterrents by creating a Platform and Processes that will enhance accessibility to medical devices, so that healthcare is inclusive for every Indian, irrespective of financial, social or regional standing.

Founded by a team of spirited individuals with an insatiable desire to break the status quo, MedSamaan has been challenging the traditional, and often unscrupulous practices in healthcare delivery to Patients, by replacing them with technology-enabled timely interventions that can have lasting outcomes in disease mitigation, life expectancy and reduction of treatment costs. As a result of our efforts, every Stakeholder’s pain points in the healthcare ecosystem are being better addressed. Manufacturers have found wider Reach through us, Doctors and Hospitals are better equipped to provide care to Patients, Distributors and Pharmacies are no longer plagued with minimum stocking and delivery delays, and we have empowered Patients with the power to Choose the type of healthcare they wish to access.

Inclusivity, Social Impact and Deliverability form the core of our Business. We hope to impact one million lives in the next five years.

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