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Digital BP Monitors Ozocheck ( without Adaptor)
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6 Months
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8.6cm X 12.3cm X 16cm
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    This Blood Pressure Monitor by Ozocheck provides a fully automatic measurement of blood pressure and pulse on the arm/wrist. It has a clear and easy-to-read display. The machine comes in three toned colours which give a better appearance to the product. It also has an arrhythmia irregular heart beat indicator. Memory is for 3 users x 40 spaces each. Has low battery indicator, auto shut off and incorrect usage warning indicator. Comes along with an adjustable cuff belt and a storage pouch. It is light weight, compact and portable and uses Oscillometric technology for greater accuracy.


    Technical Description


    B P meters employ oscillometric measurements and electronic calculations rather than auscultation. They may use manual or automatic inflation, but both types are electronic, easy to operate without training, and can be used in noisy environments. They measure systolic and diastolic pressures by oscillometric detection, employing either deformable membranes that are measured using differential capacitance, or differential piezo resistance, and they include a microprocessor. This BP monitor is an electronic one using Oscillomertry for better accuracy and quick reading of results.


    How to use Blood Pressure Monitor Ozocheck


    ·       Insert the batteries in Ozocheck Blood pressure monitor.

    ·       Make the basic settings by pressing the start/stop button.

    ·       Set date, hour and minutes.

    ·       Press the Start and Stop button to exit the menu.

    ·       Select the desired user memory, using the function buttons.

    ·       Confirm the entry with the Start and Stop button.

    ·       Make sure the cuff is on the level of your heart and that the line points to the center of your palm.

    ·       The cuff has been attached correctly if two fingers can fit inside the cuff.

    ·       Press on the Start and Stop button and the measurement will begin automatically.

    ·       The measurements are displayed and recorded automatically.

    ·       Press the ‘MEM’ button to view the measurements.

    ·       Pressing the ‘3M’ button displays an average of the last three measurements.

    ·       4 pers different readings can be set



    1.     Lightweight compact and quiet for improved patient compliance.

    2.     Uses oscillometric technology.

    3.     Can store upto 20 readings

    4.     Large backlit display

    5.     Easy to use.

    6.      Ozocheck brand along with quality assurance from Medsamaan.

    7.      Best in its class and best in economy

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    • Digital Bp Monitors Ozocheck ( Without Adaptor)
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      Rs. 2999.00
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