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Oroxil Mouthwash
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    Oroxil mouthwash contains complexed Resveratrol extracted by Polygonum Cuspidatum and essential oil of Wild Thyme in Carvacrol. The essential oil has purifying and refreshing properties and is traditionally used as a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory adjuvant. Oroxil may be useful as adjuvant in post - operative periodontal treatment and as a follow-up or in cases of bacterial or mycotic inflammation. Helps to keep mouth and gums clean and healthy. Provides lasting fresh breath. Oroxil is indicated for regular whole-mouth clean for both adults and children. Oroxil is alcohol and sugar free.


    ·       5 ml to 10 ml, depending on the conditions of the mouth and gums, pure or diluted, two or three times a day as needed after shaking the bottle well.

    ·       Rinse your mouth for a few seconds then expel without ingesting.

    ·       Alternatively it can be used for gargling, useful for the well-being of the throat.


    ·       200 ml bottle

    ·       Shelf Life: 6 months after opening

    ·       Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat.

    ·       The expiry date refers to the product correctly stored, in an unopened package.


    Keep out of reach of children.

    1.    Intense germ-kill for regular mouthwashes  

    2.    Prevents and effectively reduces oral infections and inflammations

    3.    No coloured teeth and tongue       

    4.    Recommended for smokers            

    5.    Non-burning (alcohol free)    

    6.    Long lasting cleaning feeling   

    7.    Use 10 ml, pure or diluted, two/three times a day, as required; shake bottle well before use.

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    • Oroxil Mouthwash
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